All You Need to Know About Online Blackjack Tournaments

Gone are the days when people had to go to a casino to play card games like blackjack and poker. The realities of the new age are the online blackjack tournaments be it free or paid. With the passage of time, more and more people are taking up the habit of playing blackjack online. Playing on the internet has many advantages over the traditional format. For example, you can enjoy the privilege of sitting in your home and taking your time before opting to go pro. There are a number of casino websites that provide software to play free blackjack upon registration. It gives you a chance to learn the intricacies associated with the game right at your home.How to choose a reliable online casino?

Another factor linked to the popularity of online blackjack tournaments is the fact that most of the players play not to enjoy the atmosphere of the casino but to earn some hard cash 먹튀. Playing from home gives you the chance as you can play according to your convenience and can participate in as many tournaments as possible. Playing blackjack is really simple and it involves dealing out cards between you and the dealer. You are given two cards face up and the dealer is given two cards with one card hidden.

The aim of the game is to get closest to the score of 21 by guessing as to what would be the value of the hidden card of the dealer. Online blackjack tournaments are a perfect place for players to get together and learn more about the game. Once you are done playing the free version of blackjack make a small deposit and start playing for real money. Once you start playing paid blackjack tournaments you receive a number of perks by the casino such as bonuses and other free offers. These bonuses are a very good way of making fast cash.

In the past year there has been a lot change in the online poker industry. The executives of the biggest operators have found themselves indicted by the United States Department of Justice after enforcement of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and the sites they operate no longer allow USA players.

So what does all this mean and where do we go from here? Before we answer those questions we wanted to take some time to explain the full ramifications and state facts as it relates to the UIGEA.

The UIGEA was passed in September 2006 and signed by then President George W. Bush. The law basically made it illegal for banks and credit cards to knowingly process transactions for Internet gaming purposes.

The law was passed as part of the “Safe Ports Act” which was passed to basically protect US ports from falling into the hands of foreign owners. In true American Political form, the UIGEA was added to the bill last minute to a completely unrelated piece of legislation. Parties voting on the “Safe Ports Act” really had no idea what they voting for when the UIGEA was added to the bill last minute. The Safe Ports Act was something that would pass easily (and did), and some ambitious representatives added the UIGEA last minute. Reps. Leach and Goodlatte authored the UIGEA and snuck it in.

The law came into effect January 19, 2009, but compliance was not required until December 1, 2009. In May 2009, Chair of the House Committee on Financial Services Barney Frank introduced 2 bills. The first to overturn the implementation of the UIGEA and the second to delay the implementation of the UIGEA for one year. The second bill was enacted but only extended the implementation until June 1, 2010.

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