It only takes 12 minutes to finish your morning beauty routine. The first step is washing your face. Following that, you’ll have to apply the astringent followed by moisturizer. The list is endless. It’s becoming a chore, but wasn’t there an era when it was enjoyable? We decided to bring us back to the times that applying makeup was fun. Below are some makeup tips and tricks to spice up your routine.

We have reached out to Carmindy, a TLC resident make-up artist and the author of The 5 Minute Face, to learn more about her experience. Carmindy’s top beauty tips that will leave you feeling fabulous and fresh.

Beauty Tip #1 – Apply your makeup for the longest time.

Whatever the cost of the perfume, just a few sprays at the beginning of the day won’t last for the entire day. For a scent that lasts consider this simple beauty tip apply a non-scented liquid collagen supplement liposomal  moisturizer first, and then spray your perfume seconds later. Carmindy says that perfumes are so rich in alcohol that it evaporates quickly if you apply it to your dry skin. It’s better to stick in the presence of a moisturizer on the skin.

Beauty Tip #2 – Lip glosses, without the goop

Instead of directly applying the tube of gloss to your lips, Carmindy suggests taking an extra step in order to ensure less stickiness. I like applying lipstick first onto my fingertips, then rub it onto my lips. This will give you the appearance of a glow but not too much. To ensure that the color remains on your lips make sure you apply a moisturizing lippie first.

Beauty Tip # 3 A delicious scrub.

Regular white table sugar is the finest exfoliant on the planet. There is no need to apply any scrub containing sugar. “The small crystals dissolve when you add water and won’t cause skin irritation. And, if you have delicate skin, don’t stress. Carmindy states that it works better than other products since you may not enjoy the scent or have too many ingredients. If you’re in the shower all you need to do is wash your face up like normal and then grab a handful of sugar and scrub your face. If you’re running out, you’ll be able to ask your sweet friend to help you with a bit of sugar!

Beauty Tip #4: Remove the spot concealer.

Instead of having to search through your makeup bag searching for multiple concealers every morning choose one, suggests Carmindy. The reason why? It is possible to use the foundation that’s stuck to the top cap of your concealer liquid as the basis for a spot treatment. “It will oxidize there, and it is a little more solid.” She also stated that it is the same shade of your foundation and it can instantly cover any imperfections. Apply the concealer with a small brush or spray bottle. Then brush it on the spots , and you’re ready to go. It’s useful when your foundation lid gets cakey.

Beauty Tip #5 – Recycle Good for the environment Good for your lips, good for the earth.

What do you do when your lipsticks have almost gone and your fingers are tired from scrubbing out the remaining bits? Carmindy suggests you mix the remaining lipsticks to create your own lip palette. “Take the lipstick tubes to the pharmacy and buy an empty plastic container. You can then put each color in an individual section inside the pill box.” Mix and match colors or even add Vaseline in one of the compartments to make your own lip gloss.

Beauty Tip #6: Lips that are size of celebrities

To create fuller lips, women usually outline their lips using pencil, however, most of the time it looks noticeable and unsophisticated (especially when lipstick is snipped off leaving only that ugly line). Carmindy suggests using Q-tips to create an invisible enhancement. Apply it to some shimmery white eyeshadow, and draw your lips lightly. The shimmer will catch light and make your lips appear bigger. While you won’t be visible as the shimmer makes your lips appear bigger. This is an excellent option if do not have collagen.

Beauty Tip # 7 Bronzed, but not dirty.

It’s possible to look as if you were sweeping chimneys, or you’ve spent the day playing in the sandbox. Carmindy prefers a spray bronzer to give the look of a freshly summer tan. “I would like to spray on a sponge. Then what I do is simply apply it to the skin, preferably on the temples, and then underneath the cheekbones because this is the place where the sun is likely to kiss your face. And if you like powder bronzer , apply it in the same locations as well.”

Beauty Tip #8 – Brow breakthrough

You’ve probably tried everything to draw your eyebrows out even if you’ve been given barely their eyebrow DNA. But the majority of products rub off by the evening. If you’re still in the market for eyebrows after five p.m. Carmindy recommends purchasing a waterproof liquid eyeliner that matches your hair color like black, brown or taupe. After that, she suggests “You can take an angled brush , and then apply the eyeliner in the liquid form onto your eyebrows . It’ll remain on all day. It appears more natural than pencils and lasts longer.” It’s an all-in-one.

If you are like me, and you have an out of control brow It is likely that you will need to keep them in check. It’s as easy as using a spooly tooth brush to apply a bit of gel to your eyebrows.

Beauty Tip # 9 – Not your average smoky eye.

“What I prefer to do is to take an eye-catching color such as a navy blue or sparkling type of burgundy purple and just line the inside rim and along the lower and upper eyelash line. Then, use a Q-tip to smudge the color. This way , you don’t have to pull your eye back and still get the smokey effect due to the color that is lined. Carmindy recommends that you avoid the use of dark shadows around your eyes in case you have large, deep-set eyes. The effect is that they appear more pushed back. There are many ways to make smokey look, but the majority of people believe there is only one.

Beauty Tips #10 – Reduce time and use eyeshadows

You’re running late to work? The most effective thing you can apply is white, shimmering highlight powder. Carmindy says that if you highlight three areas of your face, there is no require eyeshadow. These areas are under the eyebrow, in the inner corner of the eye, and over the cheekbone. It gives a glimmer to the eyes, raises the lid and draw attention to the cheekbones. For a feeling of awakeness all you have to do is to make a large cup of coffee.

Who says that your routine for beauty should be boring? Not anymore, especially since you can now take a box of sugar to shower with you or turn a pill jar into a custom lip pallet. With these helpful tips, you might want to reconsider your 12-minute routine at the end of the day.

TLC’s resident makeup artist Carmindy assists Leslie Barrie compile a list of lesser-known beauty secrets that will leave you feeling luscious, beautiful and radiant.

It only takes 12 minutes to finish your daily beauty routine. The first step is the face wash and then the astringent then the moisturizer. It’s a long list. It’s now such a chore and a chore, but was there not an era when it was enjoyable? We’ve decided to bring you back to the times where applying makeup was fun. Below are some makeup tips and tricks that can enhance your look.

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