The saying “fighting fire with fire” is never more true than when it comes to using fish oil to fight acne. The traditional wisdom would make you believe that one would never apply an oily product to fight an oily skin condition, but fish oil has a number of properties that make it the ideal solution this nightmare adolescents know as acne. There isn’t a cure. Treatments range between a few dollars each month to thousands per year. There are numerous organic products that can be used to treat acne they also contain hazardous chemicals and harsh chemicals. But, only one treatment can be found in a small capsule. It could be more effective than other facial wash that is available.

Fish oil is most well-known for its anti-inflammatory qualities omega-3 liquid fish oil for teens with regard to fighting cardiovascular ailments, but its fire squelching properties extend to the far reaches of the body and assist in improve the health of skin. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acid referred to as eicosapentaeno acid, also known as EPA. EPA is a well-known ingredient with androgen inhibitory properties. This property reduces sebaceous glands’ production which reduces the amount of oil that can be found on the skin. This reduces the chances of the formation of bacteria and also prevents acne from forming.

Omega-3 fatty acids are not an overnight cure, for some teens , they may not even work. It’s worth beginning an exercise program using high-quality supplements while cleaning your face. A majority of people won’t notice any changes until they’ve taken supplements for at minimum 4 months. It is recommended to use the supplement as an addition with other treatments to minimize the requirement for other medications. Users report that their skin feels softer and appears more clear beneath the skin. Acne treatments can reduce the appearance of skin redness.

Fish oil should be taken on a daily basis like all other treatments. The recommended dosage is 3 grams of fish oil every day. However, this can differ based on the person. Talk to your doctor about the most effective dosage. The FDA has deemed this dose to be safe and has not reported any adverse side effects. A few side effects reported include mild diarrhea, the burps of fish and stomach upset. While these adverse effects aren’t severe, they could be reduced by taking the supplements during meals and splitting the dose throughout the day.

The most effective choice for an omega-3 supplement is to eat fresh Alaskan wild-caught salmon. Consuming 2 to 4 portions of fish fresh each week, whether it is cooked, broiled, or baked will provide all the essential fat acid EPA your body will need. The technique of cooking is crucial so that you avoid using oils that can harm the intent of eating the fish.

A supplement with fish oil is a viable option for your acne problem. It is suggested that an vitamin E supplement be included in your regimen to aid in the repair of the skin. Teens with acne problems can be helped by Omega-3 fish oils. Try it out for your skin today.

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