The Complete Stun Gun Buyers Guide (Part 3) – Product Reviews, Disable Pins, Holsters and More!

 The Complete Stun Gun Buyers Guide (Part 3) – Product Reviews, Disable Pins, Holsters and More!


Imagine the following situation for a minute: You went to the mall to meet some old good friends of yours. You got together for a dinner and a movie, and you had the .458 socom ammo  greatest of times, as usual. But it got late, and it was time to go home. A couple of friends offered to accompany you to your car, but you said it was OK, that you could go alone. After all, this was something you did all the time, and nothing had ever happened…until that night.

The parking lot was deserted, which was rather unusual. You started to walk faster. Did you hear some footsteps behind you, or was it just your imagination? Nervously, you turned around…and there he was. Yes: this big guy was no friend of yours, and his intentions sure looked quite hostile to you. Quickly, you took your stun gun out of its holster and turned it on…Yes, the powerful non lethal weapon with the right shape and the right voltage. But what happened next you still do not completely understand to this date: all you knew was that the criminal had taken your stun gun away from you, somehow!

But when he pushed the fire button to use your powerful weapon against you…nothing happened. It didn’t work! He was perplexed, wasn’t he? You knew it by the look in his face. And what happened next, he still does not completely understand to this date: he had pepper spray all over his face! It was the most horrible experience he had ever experienced so far. His evil plans were thwarted: he was temporarily incapacitated. And you were safe, nowhere to be found!

Welcome back to the third -and last- installment of the stun gun buyers guide. So far, you have learned about the different types of stun guns’ shapes (regular stun guns, mini stun guns, cell phone stun guns, and stun batons), and how to select the best one, based on those categories. You have also learned how to choose the right voltage. Now get ready to learn about important extra features such as disable pins, rechargeable stun guns and holsters! This article also reviews the best stun weapons per category as well. Ready? Let’s get started!

What the poor criminal from our story didn’t know was that yours was not an ordinary stun device…yours came equipped with a disable pin. “What’s that?”, you might ask. The answer is as simple as it is important: a disable pin is a thin metal stick that comes attached to the stun weapon unit on one point, and to the end of a wrist strap on the other. Its purpose is to keep your stun gun working at full power…as long as it is you who are holding your weapon in your hand (with the strap around your wrist, of course). If the non lethal weapon is ever taken away from you, the disable pin will be disconnected from the device, preventing the unit from working and being used against you.

It must be clarified that someone taking the stun device away from you would certainly be a very rare and unfortunate event. But it can happen. You must keep in mind that ANY weapon can be taken away from you and used against you (even a shotgun). So whenever possible, try to get a stun gun with a disable pin (and a pepper spray as a “Plan B” strategy!). You won’t regret you did.

Another useful recommendation would be to select a stun gun with a free holster (buy one if the chosen stun weapon does not include it). Because you will need to easily access you non lethal weapon fast (specially under a surprise attack), a holster might be an integral part of your self defense strategy. Do not underestimate its importance: Your stun gun might not be easily accessible if you leave it at the bottom of your purse or suitcase.




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