The variant of a dice game with interesting features

The dice are available in different versions which are equally interesting to play. Let’s have a view of different versions of the dice game one such dice game is the sicbo online which is played online in various forms. Apart from the bet based on the different combination as well as the double combination there are also played in the other pattern as well.

Triple bets: this is one of the combinations in which the Sic Bo online game is played. It is similar to the combination form of bet but here all the 3 numbers will be played. In this combination of the game, the player will predict the specific number that would be displayed on the three dice. This number may be ranging mainly from one to six. Apart from the specific form of triple where the outcome will be 180:1, the player can also be even on the triple. This may be seen on the three dice in the same kind on any one particular number.

The single form of bet: in this single bet the player essentially wagers on any one number which is one of 6 numbers that may appear at least on any one dice. The outcome mainly depends on the number of dice that will be shown on the selected number. In case only one dice has that particular number then the outcome will be 1:1. if all the three dice display the number then the payout will be 3:1.

One thing the player needs to keep in mind is that the ratio related to the payout usually varies at each table and across different online-based casinos. But whatever be the matter they will give the clear instruction related to h layout which is next to every outcome.


When the payout is not many high things may seem boring. So a good strategy should be used by placing multiple forms of bets. The player needs to avoid too much of bets at the same time and use the trick to balance any kind of risk while playing the game.

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