Understand The Background Of Wellness Now

Well-being – both mental and physical and spiritual is the premise of my job as massage therapist. In helping people find their own way towards wellness via the use of a massage, or indirectly through helping them to live the habit of self-care confidence and self-love, is a priority for me. There is no better time to focus on the pursuit of health and wellness than the new year.

Nearly every month the magazines for health and fitness are filled with diet plans as well as exercise tips and resolutions for the coming year. I am awed by this commitment to health, and would like to see it continue to be in the spotlight on all year long.

The year 2014 (Welcome 2014! ) I’d like to be focusing on an aspect of health that a lot of people don’t know about the body’s pH.

We all remember Ph (acidic as opposed to basic) in high school in chemistry. However, you may have forgotten that pH is “potential of hydrogen,” which measures hydrogen ions present in a solution. In terms of numerics pH is measured on the scale of zero to 14, with zero being extremely acidic, and 14 being extremely simple or alkaline. Seven is neutral.

What does this have to relate to health and wellness? Actually, quite a bit.

Our bodies are built to operate within a limited pH range. It’s slightly alkaline with blood pH levels of 7.4. When your blood’s pH shifts to an acidic level warning signals for distress are released and you’ll begin to experience various symptoms that are not pleasant including skin breakouts to chronic fatigue, arthritis to IBS. A blood pH that is lower than 7 is particularly hazardous because it weakens the immune system, and could cause illness.

In American society, it’s easy to have an acidic pH, due to all the processed foods available on the market and stress. How do you maintain your body alkaline?

Massage therapy regularly can help reduce stress and increase the body’s pH. Stress causes acidic hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. A relaxing, body massage will not only stop the process, but also helps to Codeage Collagen at Ride Aid get the natural fluids of the body – – blood and lymphand flowing in a healthy way. The body’s adrenaline level is reduced and cortisol levels are reduced.

I suggest an eating plan that is rich in leafy greens in addition to lean meats, fruits with low sugar content. This will supply your body with the necessary nutrients, proteins and vitamins to maintain your pH within the normal alkaline zone.

One of the most effective ways to get into this lifestyle is to start your day by drinking a drink. I recommend drinking an early green juice in the morning, such as kale as well as green apple and parsley for instance. If you don’t think kale is appealing around 8:30 a.m. (I understand you) then try some low-sugar fruit like blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. You could also opt for an alternative that is sweeter like carrots.

All of these options can supply your blood with minerals required to keep it alkaline. Not to mention vital antioxidants and blood builders like chlorophyll.

The reason you juice vegetables and fruits instead of eating them all in one go is that the nutrients that are pure can get into your system faster through juice. (Imagine how lengthy and cumbersome it would be to consume half a kale swathe without juicing it.) Because it eliminates the plant fibers Juicing helps ease digestion process and delivers the nutritious substances to your system much more quickly. That means a more relaxed and alkaline body!

You should definitely try it! Juicers can be found from any grocery retailer or on the internet. If you’re unsure if that you’re ready to make the commitment but, you’ll be able to discover a juice bar within the city.

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